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  • Plastic Plate For Vacuum Interrupter
  • Plastic Plate For Vacuum Interrupter

Plastic Plate For Vacuum Interrupter


This circuit breaker plastic plate widely use on medium and high voltage vacuum circuit breaker and switchgear.

  • Product Description

Plastic plate for vacuum interrupter


1. Features of the VS1circuit breaker plastic plate

2. Many Color to choose, and vacuum interrupter components.

3. other accessories in VCB can also supplied.

4. OEM orders are welcome

5. Reasonable price and quick delivery

Or if you need the whole assembled, it also can be applicable


Parameters of circuit breaker plastic plate

Pole There poles
Rated frequency 50 Hz
Rated insulation voltage 12kV
Arc extinction mode Vacuum circuit breaker
Mechanical life 30000 times


other types of circuit breaker plastic plate

Medium and high voltage circuit breaker indicate panel

Medium and high voltage circuit breaker indicate panel

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We are specialty on providing medium voltage and high voltage circuit breaker and switchgear components, such as 12KV, 24 KV, 36KV and 40.5KV embedded cylinder,insulated operating rod,auxiliary circuit socket,counter,circuit breaker board,circuit breaker plastic plate and so on.These components apply on 630A, 1250A, 2500A, 3150A and 4000A VS1 (ZN85-40.5) circuit breaker and KYN28A-12 and KYN61 high voltage switchgear.


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5. We are specialty on providing medium voltage and high voltage circuit breaker and switchgear components, such as 12KV, 24 KV, 36KV and 40.5KV embedded cylinder,insulated operating rod,auxiliary circuit socket,counter,circuit breaker board,circuit breaker panel and so on.

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