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  • SGE- 100MS Series Digital remote density relayrmicro water density
  • SGE- 100MS Series Digital remote density relayrmicro water density

SGE- 100MS Series Digital remote density relayrmicro water density


Used to control and monitor the density of SF6 gas in a sealed container. Used in SF6 high voltage circuit breakers, medium voltage switches, gas insulated equipment (GIS), high voltage cables, transformers and transformers, and suitable for strong vibration and outdoor harsh external conditions, can display the SF64 bulk density of SF6 electrical equipment ,and With communication interface, the SF6 body temperature, pressure, density, and micro-water and dew point data in the SF6 electrical equipment can be transmitted to the background by wired or wireless connection. The data can be pushed to the designated user through the self-developed cloud background. The mobile terminal can realize the operation of the SF6 electrical equipment,and the user does not need to go to the site.

  • Product Description

Main Feature:
1. Digital tube display, convenient and clear on-site reading
2. Small structure, the thickness is only 50mm, convenient installation
3. Compact sealing, unique positive pressure helium detection
4. The leakage rate is less than 1x10-8 m bar.l/s; the electrical part is designed with low power consumption and passed the EMC electromagnetic compatibility test
5. Alarm, blocking signal output, using micro-switch structure, the contact is more reliable and the service life is longer
6. High-precision sensor can transmit temperature, pressure, density, micro water (optional), stable performance, high precision; matte
7. Scrub shell, it has metal shielding function, protection grade IP65, beautiful appearance, exquisite
8.24v power supply, with 485 communication interface, optional wireless transmission function

Technical Parameters:

Leakage rate

 ≤1x10-8mbar./s (helium gas test)



Impact resistance : 500m/s2

Measuring range

Density: -0.1 ~ 0.9MPa
Dew point: -80°C~+20°C


Density level 1 (at20 ° C)

Working environment

When the ambient temperature is -40C~+60C, the accuracy grade is 2.5; the dew point is ±3°C.

Micro switch contact, contact electrical parameters

Power: 30VA; Maximum operating voltage: 380V; Maximum current: 1A



Pressure sensitive component

Bourdon tube


Level IP55


Insulation resistance: > 100MΩ (500V DC)
Insulation withstand voltage: 2000V, 50/60 Hz 1min

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