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  • SGE-60MS Remote Relay of SF6 Gas Density And Micro-water
  • SGE-60MS Remote Relay of SF6 Gas Density And Micro-water

SGE-60MS Remote Relay of SF6 Gas Density And Micro-water


It is used to control and monitor the density of SF6 gas (P20 pressure) in sealed containers, with alarm and locking contacts, applied to SF6 high-voltage circuit breakers, medium-voltage switches,, high-voltage cables, transformers and PT, and can display the  density content in SF6 electrical equipment by LCD rolling.Through the RS485 communication mode, the density data of SF6 gas transmission to the monitoring room background, through the background can always observe the SF6 density relay reading. The product also has a pointer to show the density of SF6 gas (P20 pressure).

  • Product Description

Main characteristic

1.What You See Is What You Get:

Collecting data by using displacement sensor, the transmitted data is completely consistent with the data displayed by the SF6 gas density relay;

2.Reducing leakage points:

Traditional pressure sensor is not used, a hole is not needed to be opened on a gas path, so the leakage points are reduced;

3.the data is real and the data acquisition is effective;

the mode of a pressure sensor and a temperature sensor in the prior art is abandoned, and a displacement sensor is adopted, so that the actual measurement data of an SF6 gas density relay can be transmitted truthfully, and the traditional pressure sensor is not affected by the common fault that the numerical value is inaccurate as time goes on;

4.Realize remote transmission function

Under the condition that the appearance is consistent with that of the traditional SF6 gas density relay, besides the alarm locking output of the traditional SF6 gas density relay, the device also has the function of transmitting pointer reading data to a background;


Technical parameter

1.Tightness: leakage rate 1x10-8mbar.l/s (helium leak hunting);

2.Shock resistance: 20g;

3.Measuring range: 0 ~ 0.2MPa

4.Precision: 1.6% at 20 , -40 ~ + 60 , 2.5%;

5.Working environment: -40 ~ + 60 ; Relative humidity 95% RH;

6.Electrical parameter: Pmax = 30VA; Imax=1A

7.Enclosure protection grade: IP65

8.Insulation performance: insulation resistance > 20MΩ, insulation withstand voltage > 2KV, 1min;

9.Parameters of remote transmission part: power supply: 24V, power consumption < 2W, communication RS485, communication protocol MODBUS, transmission speed 9600bps;

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