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  • FN512RDL Indoor AC HVLoad Switch
  • FN512RDL Indoor AC HVLoad Switch

FN512RDL Indoor AC HVLoad Switch


1. Quality assurance: All the products will go through lots of tests carefully before dispatch: Raw material check, Assemble test, Painting check, Nameplate check and routine tests.

2. Competitive production capacity: monthly production more than 1200 sets .

3. Manufactuer’s price: Factory direct sale, most competitive price..

  • Product Description

FN5 12RD(L) Indoor AC H.V.Load Switch

FN5 12RD(L) Indoor AC H.V.Load Switch  It is designed and developed by our own company by

bringing in international advanced technology,considering our own country’s specific power supply.

It performances meet IEC420 AC H.V. Load Switch with Fuse(1990 Edition) and GB3840 3-63kV AC H.V.

Load Switch after strict test and long – time operating. Compared to the product of the kind in the foreign country

its technical parameter has reached the international level with the featrues of small volume and light weight.can

be used in package substation and ring network cebin. It is used widely in 12kV distribution network to protect

the equipment against working wihout phase. The success of the product fills the domestic gap, with functions of switch

isolating and earthing.

1. Quality assurance: All the products will go through lots of tests carefully before dispatch:

Raw material check, Assemble test, Painting check, Nameplate check and routine tests.

2. Competitive production capacity: monthly production more than 1200 sets .

3. Manufactuer’s price: Factory direct sale, most competitive price..

Name   Unit FN-12/630 FN5-12RD(L)/125
Rated voltage kV 12 12
Rated current A 630 125
Rated frequency Hz 50 50
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak) ground interphase kV 75 75
Isolated fracture 85 85
Frequency withstand voltage(1min) ground interphase kV 42 42
Isolated fracture 48 48
Rated short-Withstand current(Thermal stability) kA 20(4S)  
Rated peak withstand current(Thermal stability) kA 50  
Rated short-circuit switch-off current kA 50  
Rated breaking current Active load current A 630 630
Breaking current loop A 630 630
Load transformer kVA 1250 1250
Cable charging current A 10 10
 Rated transfer current   A   1300
Rated short-circuit breaking current   A   31.5

FN5-12 Series Indoor High Voltage Vacuum Load Break Switch


1.Underframe  2.Insulator  3.Fuse link  4.Tripper gear  5.Moving contact 6.Arc extinguisher   7.Guide bar

8.static contact 9.on-and-off mechanism  10.Interlock gear 11.Load switch operating mechanism 12.Earthing switch

Service Condition

 1. The altitude does not exceed 1000m. 2. The ambient air temperature:Max.:+40 .Min.:-10 . 3. The relatire humidity of air diaily average ≤ 90%, monthly average ≤ 95% (temperature: 25 ). 4. The ambient air should not be obviously polluted by corrosivity and the flammability gas. etc. 5. The working sisuation without frequent violent.


It is used in the network of 50Hz rated voltage 6-12kV for breaking load, over-load and short-circuit current. It is equipped with CS6-I type handle operating mechanism. It is for the CS handle mechanism

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