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  • GN38-24D Series Top Indoor High Voltage Isolating Switch
  • GN38-24D Series Top Indoor High Voltage Isolating Switch

GN38-24D Series Top Indoor High Voltage Isolating Switch


GN38-24D Series indoor HV disconnect switch applies to power system of rated voltagebelow 12kV,AC 50/60Hz.

  • Product Description

GN38-24D Series Top Indoor High Voltage isolating switch

Structure and Properties:

GN38-24D Top isolating switch is applicable to 24 KV rated voltage, three-phase ac 50 Hz indoor unit. Novel, reasonable and unique structure.Its outlet adopts wear wall type. It directly form the insulating clapboard in the busbar chamber and circuit breaker chamber. Its input terminal is easy to link directly with the level busbar of combined cabinet.Thus,it can narrow switch cabinet height, reduce the transition joint, and reduce cost.
Operating mechanism transmission makes isolating switch shaft rotate, facilitates operating connecting lever to push-pull isolated blade and makes it into the line of contact points, or into grounding contact points to implement isolation or grounding.

Main Technical Parameter:

Model Specification
Rated voltage(kV) Rated Current(A) 4SRated short-timewithstand current Rated peakwithstand current(kA) Rated insulation
1min Frequency withstand voltage(kV) Lightning impulse withstand voltage(kV)
GN38-24/630 24 630 20 50 Between poles,Pole on the ground65,Fracture
Between poles,Pole on the ground75,
GN38-24D/630 24 630 20 50
GN38-24/1250 24 1250 31.5 50
GN38-24D/1250 24 1250 31.5 50

Note: The rated short-time withstand current, rated peak withstand current and rated short circuit duration of the earthing switch are equal to the isolating switch’s.

GN38-24D Series Top Indoor High Voltage isolating switch

GN38-24D Series Top Indoor High Voltage isolating switch-1

Outline Dimension

Note: L be determined by the customer.


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