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  • GND5-12 Top Isolating Switch
  • GND5-12 Top Isolating Switch

GND5-12 Top Isolating Switch


GND5-12 high voltage indoor Type disconnect Switches it is used in three phase power distribution of AC 50Hz

  • Product Description

GND5-12 Top Isolating Switch

Structure and Properties:

GNDS-12 Top isolating switch has novel structure and is a new type of isolating switch possessing independent intellectual property rights and developed by thecompany independently. The static contact is installed on the insulator on the top of the cupboard and is directly linked with the level of busbar through the installation box. The moving contact head installed on the circuit breaker input terminal and the drive shaft directly drives the moving contact head to rotate,so as to implement switching-closing and have a minimal installation space, clear fracture and cooperate with the enclosed type circuit breaker, which can realize to own top isolation and bottom grounding side type high voltage, the designed height is 1.5 m, with connecting lever driven by BET type device.

Main Technical Parameter:

GND5-12 Top Isolating Switch-1

Main technical parameter

GND5-12 Top Isolating Switch

GND5-12 Top Isolating Switch-2

Outline Dimension


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