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  • SPE103 JN17-1240 Indoor High Voltage AC Electrical earth switch
  • SPE103 JN17-1240 Indoor High Voltage AC Electrical earth switch

SPE103 JN17-1240 Indoor High Voltage AC Electrical earth switch


JN17-12/40 indoor AC high voltage earthing switch is an advanced level product with high-tech parameters performance.

After comprehensive evaluation,it conforms to GB1985 and IEC129 standard ,applies to power system of 3-12kV and three-phase AC 50Hz.

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SPE103 JN17-12/40 Indoor high voltage AC electrical earth switch


JN17-12/40 indoor AC high voltage earthing switch is an advanced level product with high-tech parameters performance.After comprehensive evaluation,it conforms to GB1985 and IEC129 standard ,applies to power system of 3-12kV and three-phase AC 50Hz.It owns short-circuit making capacity to protect other electric equipment not being damaged.Can be used with various high voltage switchgear,also play a protective role in the high-voltage electrical equipment overhaul.

Ambient condition:

Ambient temperature scope:form 12°C to40°C

Heavy cold zone:25°C allowed

Altitude not more than 1000m

Relative humidity:average everday not exceeding 95%

Monthly average not more than 80%

There shall have no conductive dust,no corrosive gasess,no severe vobaration and impact.no combustion and explosion on the site for switch operating.


Indoor high voltage AC electrical earth switch  use resin insulators, on which live parts, made of silver-plated electrolytic copper (99.9%), are placed. The blades are directly connected to the drive shaft. Contact elements are overdimensioned according to the requirements in order to guarantee, together with a high contact pressure between blades and contacts, a reduced ohmic resistance at the contact surface and a minimum metal wear-off during the life of the grounding switch, with the necessary robustness to withstand thermal and mechanical stresses under short-circuit conditions.

Item Unit Data
Rated voltage kV 12
Rated short-time withstand current kA 40
Rated short-circuit duration s 4
Rated short-circuit making current kA 100
Rated peak withstand current kA 100
Rated insulation level PF withstand voltage (1 min) kV Phase to earthPhase to phase 42
Lightning impulse withstand voltage   75
Mechanical endurance Time 2000

SPE103 JN17-12/40 Indoor high voltage AC electrical earth switch

Product Model E F G H D
JN17-12/40-210 210 50 185 655 516
JN17-12/40-220 220 50 185 675 536
JN17-12/40-230 230 50 185 695 556
JN17-12/40-250 250 50 185 735 596
JN17-12/40-275 275 50 210 810 646

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