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  • SGE-SMHI Series SF6 gas density relay calibration instrument
  • SGE-SMHI Series SF6 gas density relay calibration instrument

SGE-SMHI Series SF6 gas density relay calibration instrument


Safety and environmental –friendly
The pipeline is totally closed and SF6 gas zero emission to avoid harm to person and atmospheric environment.
Accurate and scientific
High purity SF6 check, automatic control, critical point fine-tuning control
Applicable to different altitude environmental conditions across the country, can truly measure the absolute pressure and table pressure full series.
Convenient and reliable
Truly portable design, the volume and weight is only half of the same product
The panel is equipped with a miniature hand wheel, which can easily adjust the pressure of the air in the circuit.
with a built-in cylinder with pressure display, you can know the storage capacity of the tank without starting up. It’s convenient and visible.
No need to carry gas cylinder, equipped with a full set of joints, can lift or reduce pressure repeatedly and be checked automatically.
Intelligent compatible
Humanized interface, large capacity micro-processing chip, strong data management system, data storage, printing, management and output.

  • Product Description

Main Feature:
1.Portable and compact design, half the size and weight of similar products
2.Applies to different altitude environmental conditions across the country, eliminate the errors caused by the changes of atmospheric pressure. It can truly measure the absolute pressure and table pressure for full series of density relays.
3.High degree of mechatronics technology with high reliability
4.Large touch screen, Chinese menu, intuitive and simple
5.The power supply adopted UPS function, which is suitable for operation in the field, has longer battery power supply time
6.Equipped with micro-printer, can measure result at any time
7.Design with air circulating during measurement with good sealing performance, with no waste of SF6 gas during verification process.
8.The connecting pipe is provided with inlet reverse valve at both ends, which is easy to operate and can prevent the pipe from entering water and air. Most relays can be calibrated without disassembly.
9.The printer can change paper without disassembly.
10.Equipped with RS-232 interface and can directly connect with the computer for transmit. The sampling point equip intelligent voltage protector, it will not be damaged even under wrong voltage. It is safer to use.
11.The temperature sensor is located in the field density relay side, correctly reflecting the SF6 gas temperature in the density relay, and the measurement is more accurate.

Technical Parameters:

Working power supply

AC100V-240V, 50Hz2,


0.1 levelAbove 01 can be customized according to user requirements


1 inch color touch screen


Thermal micro

Measuring pressure range

0~ 1.0MPa

Measuring temperature range

-60°C~ +85°C

Calibration pressure range

20°C standard pressure 0.2~0.8MPa

Contact  voltage


Battery life

30 hours

One-button measure loop points

Alarm, lock 1 and lock 2, 3 points in total

Store historical data



410x370x 160mm


About 10kg

Main processor

1 set

Good design thinking
The verification uses our long-term and in-depth study of the precise mathematical model of the relationship between pressure and temperature, considering the needs of field test. The instrument adopts embedded microcomputer technology and the SF6 gas circulation system, selects the imported high pressure temperature sensors to solve problems in current field operation. The verification takes sample of the gas pressure and temperature from the tested relay, then automatically convert to the standard pressure value at 20℃, and complete the pressure and dynamic automatic temperature compensation.


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