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  • SGE-RV Series SF6 vacuum purification recycle vehicle
  • SGE-RV Series SF6 vacuum purification recycle vehicle

SGE-RV Series SF6 vacuum purification recycle vehicle


SF6 vacuum purification recycle vehicle is specially designed for Chinese power industry and switch manufacturer enterprises with compact structure, low capacity and complete function. When designing, it not only refers to advantages of the famous global brands, but uses latest national patent technology developed by recycling equipment. It consists of recycling system, pneumatic system, vacuum system, purification system and storage system. The gas pipeline of SF6 gas recovery vehicle is all connected with copper pipe. It adopts tight coupling sealing technology to ensure the excellent tightness and reliability. Can use liquid storage tank or gas cylinder approved by the national boiler pressure vessel safety monitoring center to store the liquefied SF6 gas.

  • Product Description

Main Feature:
1.Adopt advanced theory and technology, edge-cutting design with complete functions
2.Reasonable structure, easy to operate
3.Use imported compressor with long life and less maintenance
4.Use imported vacuum pump with high speed and excellent vacuum degree
5.Remarkable purification effect, no need to change frequently sorbent
6.Equipped with electric system, can identify three-phase power supply automatically
7.More reliable instrument meter and ball valve
8.The storage system is provided with the liquid storage tank as required by the user
9.The equipment is air cooled and movable, which can be used without external water source.

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