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  • SGE-80 Series Intergrated tester
  • SGE-80 Series Intergrated tester

SGE-80 Series Intergrated tester


The SGE-80 SF6 tester is a instrument that measures humidity, percent concentration, and major decomposition products.The functions that can be realized with three instruments are concentrated on one instrument. Complete three functional tests at one time, greatly saving gas in the equipmenteffectively protect the environment, reduce pollution, while reducing the workload of users and improve work efficiency. The instrument adopts large-screen LCD Chinese display, real-time display of various parameters, Internal rechargeable battery, AC and DC.

  • Product Description

Main Feature:
1.Combination of temperature, purity, decomposition product test modules and software to increase the efficiency
2.Humidity is automatically converted to  at 20℃ under normal pressure,
3.Preferred for the world's most advanced sensors,guarantee measurement accuracy
4.Self-diagnostic function
5.Temperature compensation and detection end point judgment

Technical Parameters:

Humidity parameter

Range: -80~+20°C 

Accuracy: ±0.4°C

Purity parameter

Range: 0~ 100%

Accuracy: +0.6%

Decomposition product parameter

SO2 : 0~ 100μL/L,

H2S : 0~ 100μL/L,

CO : 0~ 1000μL/L


800x480TFT touch screen

Functional combination

Dew point, ppmv, purity, H2S, SO2, CO, HF, flow, pressure, temperature

Operating Voltage

Built-in lithium battery AC and DC

Working pressure

< 1Mpa

Gas discharge


Output Interface


Storage function


Printer selection

Thermal or needle


Temperature: -20~ +50°C
Humidity: <80%RH


About 8kg


About 470mmx370mmx240mm

Usage time

About 8 hours


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