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  • SGE-II Series Infrared imager
  • SGE-II Series Infrared imager

SGE-II Series Infrared imager


Each gas has the property of absorbing the infrared light energy of its corresponding band. As a greenhouse gas, SF6 has a strong absorption characteristic for the infrared light of 10.56um band. Compared with air, the infrared images are different, and the SF6 absorption characteristics are more. Strong. The SGE~II infrared imager uses the strong absorption characteristics of SF6 gas in the 10-11um band, and adopts infrared imaging technology to design a non-contact, long-distance, fast and accurate search for leaks in electrical equipment with SF6 gas leakage.

  • Product Description

Main Feature:
1. High detection sensitivity, compact and light, easy to operate.
2. Powered by a lithium battery, the standby time can be more than 3 hours.
3. Image memory 1G, removable SD card 16G (standard).
4. Non-contact, remote detection,work safely without getting close to the danger zone.
5. Convenient to find leaks
6.Find the leak ,no need to power cut
7. Suitable for SF6 electrical equipment of various voltage levels.
8.No need for a specific background, the leak point imaging can be clearly detected in the air

Technical Parameters:

Angle of vision / minimum imaging distance

12° x9° / 0.5m

Temperature resolution / thermal imager data frame rate

0.025°C (at 30 ° C) / 50/60 Hz

Detection sensitivity

0.001 ml / s

Digital zoom



Uncooled focal plane dual-band detector

Working band

10-11um, 7-14um

Visible camera palette

12 colors

Visible camera fusion capability

Infrared/visible fusion display

Liquid crystal display

16:9, 4.3 inch high brightness TFT touch screen

Independent pseudo color

Independent pseudo color false color can be set in the area

Viewfinder (800x600 pixels)


Weight (with battery)

< 1.8kg /


200mmx 132mmx120mm

Temperature measure parameters:

Temperature range

-40 ° C ~ +600 ° C


±2 ° C or± 2%

Point analysis

10 points

Automatic tracking


Line analysis

10 horizontal/vertical lines/slashes

Regional Analysis


Automatic tracking

Display position and temperature

Isothermal analysis



Color/sound alarm

Laser pointer performance


Level 2 Red

The laser spot position is directly displayed on the infrared image and  displays the temperature



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