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  • Plum Contact SPA105
  • Plum Contact SPA105

Plum Contact SPA105


Plum contact is generally used in middle and/or high voltage switching devices. The plum contacts are essentially intended for rated electrical current disconnection operation and current transmission by providing a contact finger-trap which is connected to a mating contact.

  • Product Description

Plum contact for vacuum circuit breaker

Model No.: SPA105

Rated current 630/1000A
Material copper with thick silver plating, stainless steel with magnetic free
Contact blade 18pcs
Type Bundled
Application vacuum circuit breaker
The minimum quantity 10pcs
Payment terms T/T, L/C, Western Union


Plum contact for vacuum circuit breaker LYA105

Model No.: SPA105

Plum contact for vacuum circuit breaker LYA105

Plum contact for vacuum circuit breaker SPA105

Structural Features

·Annular spring with uniform pressure

·Adopt imported non-magnetic stainless steel,avoid eddy current

·Thick silver coating,strong abrasion strength

·Anti-tarnishing processing,avoid silver coating oxidation off

·Fixed contact insertion depth for reference:34±2mm

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