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SGE-CWR06 Micro water density transmitter


It is used to control and monitor the density and moisture content of SF6 gas in sealed containers. It is applied to SF6 high-voltage circuit breaker, medium-voltage switch, peralatan terisolasi gas (GIS), high-voltage cable, transformer and PT. It can digitally display (pilihan) the moisture content, pressure, temperature, P20, Kapadhetan, dew point and other parameters of SF6 gas in electrical equipment.And is provide with a communication interface, and that data of SF6 gas density, banyu mikrmeksaursuhuure, P20, dew point and the like are transmit to the background of the monitoring room through an RS485 communication mode, so that the reading of the SF6 density relay can be observed from time to time through the background.

  • Description Product

fitur utama:

1.ukuran cilik: shape compared to peer micro water density transmitter smaller 1/3;

2.High accuracy: dew point accuracy: ± 3 Td, temperature accuracy: ± 0.3 ℃ (0 ~ 50 ℃); ± 0.5 ℃ (-40 ~ 0 ℃ and 50 ~ 80 ℃), pressure value accuracy: ± 1% FS (-40 ~ 80 ℃) 2. Interface universal shape: According to the interface needs of each GIS manufacturer or electrical equipment manufacturer, modular design of three-way valve can meet the interface needs of all products;

3.Strong sealing: the production process has a complete helium mass spectrum full inspection system to ensure that the product does not leak;

4.Local digital display (pilihan): to solve the industry common problem that data can not be understood when viewing locally;


 parameter Technical:


1.Kenceng: tingkat bocor ≤ 1x10-8mbar.l / s (moro bocor helium); 1. Resistensi kejut: 20g;

2.Dew point monitoring range: -50 … + 20 Td,

3.Pressure monitoring range: 0 ~ 1MPa;

4.Pressure value accuracy: ± 1% FS (-40. 80 ℃)

5.apa lingkungan: -40 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃; asor relatif ≤ 95% RH;

6.Parameter listrik: Pmax = 30VA; Imax=1A;

7.Nilai perlindungan enklosur: IP65;

8.Kinerja isolasi: tahan jampel > 20MΩ, jampel tahan voltase > 2KV, 1min;

9.Parameter bagean transmisi jarak jauh: pasokan tenaga: 24V, konsumsi daya < 2W, komunikasi RS485, protokol komunikasi MODBUS, kacepetan transmisi 9600bps;

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