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12kv Solid Pole For vacuum circuit breaker EEP5-12-630A-4.5


solid pole for vacuum circuit breaker EEP5-12-630A-4.5

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solid pole for vacuum circuit breaker EEP5-12-630A-4.5

Model No: EEP5-12-630A-4.5
solid pole has the following advantages
1.the traditional packaged very column, compared to solid pole column part number a large number of reducing, conductor lap surface by six group reduced to 3 groups, connecting bolt by eight reduced to 1 ~ 3, (see chart 7) simple structure greatly improved the reliability of the circuit breaker
2.Due to the vacuum arc extinguish chamber was embedded into solid material, so don’t need to do any further processing, solid seal pole column can achieve a high dielectric strength; Vacuum arcing chamber was embedded into solid materials, extremely column external environment on vacuum arcing chamber’s influence was reduced to the least

solid pole with epoxy resin,is made by casting vacuum interrupters,main circuit conduct and mounting parts with epoxy into an integral part. The vacuum interrupters, however,should be enveloped well with a slight fold of silicon rubber jacket before that process.

solid pole for vacuum circuit breaker EEP5-12-630A-4.5

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